• A mix of styles

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    James Anstead's London Home Ref: 21535/1550/11890

    Rough with the smooth

    I’m a natural sit-on-the-fencer. I can see both sides of any argument, so when folks say modern is best I’ll wholeheartedly agree. Until the case is put for traditional,

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    Pink is the colour

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    I would have loved a bedroom like this when I was little. Tucked away at the top of the house, with my own en-suite.

    They’ve made the most of every inch of space, with a bright pink and white storage unit that fits neatly into the space beneath the sloped ceiling and looks more interesting and eye-catching than a regular row of bookshelves.

    I love the splashes of hot pink – especially on the side of the bath – which helps pull the two rooms together and creates a zingy wow factor.


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    Perfectly pink

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    I love pink, from the palest barely there shade to fuchsia and everything in between and lots of my clothes and costume jewellery are testament to this. However, I didn’t even think of using pink when decorating my house, because I’ve only ever considered it to be a suitable colour for a little girl’s bedroom.

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    Blue for a teenage boy

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    I’m sure my brother would have loved a bedroom like this when he was a teenager. His bedroom walls were painted a particularly nasty shade of pale green, which he tried to cover up with posters from floor to ceiling. It also had a brown carpet and brown curtains. Well, it was the 70s, after all.

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    Green dream

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    Med-style-garden-roomI’ll admit that with a holiday looming, my thoughts are turning to lazy summer days, alfresco dining and shady terraces, but the wonderful thing about this look is that it can be created pretty much anywhere that has a little outside space.

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    A warm welcome

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    My hallway is very plain and dull. There’s a completely impractical beige carpet, white (scuffed) walls and a dark wooden banister. There’s not enough room for a console table, or a storage bench, both of which would be really useful.

    I added a large mirror, which makes it look slightly more furnished, but quite frankly it’s too dark, too small and rather unwelcoming. It doesn’t make a very good first impression at all.

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    Go with the grain!

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    McMichaels' home

    In my last blog (check it out!) I commented on trends and how they pervade every aspect of our lives. I must admit that I’ve an inbuilt resist function if I think I’m being manipulated into buying the latest new must-have item. This goes a long way back – I remember one period at junior school when

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    Making an entrance

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    An entrance hall is the first thing guests will see when entering your home, but it can be an area that is easily forgotten. Whether you want to make an impact or just create a welcoming space, the rule of thumb is to keep a hallway clean and clutter free.  Here, a neutral paint palette enhances the dimensions, while complementary natural wood flooring and furniture are a nod to the great outdoors, visible through the light enhancing glass panels. http://bit.ly/1lW7mNs

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