• It’s time to mix it up

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    Mismatched furniture is the way forward, and it’s all the rage nowadays. From mismatched crockery to dining chairs and sofas, it’s an eclectic look that screams industrial chic. However, it’s a delicate business that’s not as simple as just throwing a few items

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    Taste in the kitchen

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    There’s no getting away from it – when you look at the kitchen above, the word ‘taste’ has to pop into your mind. But in a good or bad way? And anyway, what IS taste? It used to be simply that the class and

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    How to create your dream home

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    Seen your dream scheme in the latest issue of 25 Beautiful Homes? Want to know how to re-create it? Now you can, with our Design Your Own home course.

    We’ve teamed up with KLC School of Design to create this fun new course which will teach you all the tricks of the trade, while taking you through the design process from initial concepts for a space to a completed scheme.

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    Who needs a garden?

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    I may not know one end of a geranium from another but I do love plant life. On a stormy day like today, though, the only place to enjoy it from is indoors. And even better if you’ve brought some of the greenery indoors – I haven’t a clue what these plants are (answers on an email please!) but set against the pale walls and white floorboards they look stunning. And perfectly complemented by the wicker and wrought-iron furniture. Hey, there’s even a gaggle of geese thrown in. All we’re missing is that classic summer drink, a Pimms. C’mon… I’m waiting!

    Seán O

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    Super-size me

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    When I viewed my house for the first time, it was the new, cream kitchen, full of gleaming stainless-steel appliances, including an American-style fridge-freezer, which really sold it to me.

    I bought the house, but unfortunately the previous owners took it with them, leaving a big gap, which my regular sized fridge-freezer sadly failed to fill.

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