• 25 Beautiful Homes – March 2015 issue – on sale now

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    Our marvellous March issue goes on sale today.

    As usual it’s packed with beautiful, inspiring and quirky homes, in all shapes and sizes, just for you. Including a set of former farm buildings that have been turned into a family home, a compact apartment with plenty of storage and striking artwork, a waterfront self-build and a former chalet bungalow that’s been transformed into a weatherboard cottage.

    I’m in awe of anyone who takes on a big renovation project, so was very impressed with the Victorian semi we’ve featured, on pages 65-68.

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    Romantic dining

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    If you don’t have a specific dining room, don’t worry, as even a small area can be adapted to accommodate an impromptu dinner party. Here, a space-saving round table is simply covered with a pretty piece of fabric – add some flowers and classic white crockery and hey presto, you have a sweet little dining ensemble. http://bit.ly/1LhaDGp

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    Versatile dining

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    What a dining table’s really for…

    We’re never happy are we? I spent this weekend tidying the house up after Christmas (my wife helped a bit, too) and the kitchen-diner is finally looking tidy once more. But it gave me slightly the same pangs as when we took the decorations down (note to self: must put decorations back in the loft) – all feels a bit bare and

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    Let it snow!

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    At any one time, men have only one thing on their mind. Yes I’ve just been reading a newspaper article confirming that men are unable to multitask. Scientists scanned the brains of 949 young men and women in the biggest investigation of its kind to date. Using hi-tech diffusion MRI imaging, they mapped the connections between

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    Cool and sophisticated teenage girl’s bedroom

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    This sophisticated teenage girl’s bedroom, decorated in pretty ice-cream shades, looks very grown-up – and absolutely nothing like my bedroom did at that age.

    They’ve made a clever, eye-catching headboard, by wallpapering a section above the double bed and framing it. The matching shelves on either side will keep the room tidy and draw the eye to your finished artwork. While the neat little desk/dressing table adds a vibrant pop of colour.

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    Added value

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    A few years (or more) ago, magazines and newspapers were swamped with features about how to add value to your house – decorate in neutral, strip back the floorboards, put in new windows. There’s nothing wrong with it, but

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