• How to transform a room

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    When I saw 50 Simple Ways to Transform Any Room, out in the shops today, I was a little surprised at its content. Having two teenage sons, I’d say the average male’s top tips on how to transform a room would be:

    1. Have your friends round regularly and snack while watching TV in the front room, leaving behind as many pizza boxes, crisp packets and pop/beer bottles as possible. Why not rearrange the furniture while you’re at it?

    2. When you walk in the door after a hard day at school, kick off your shoes in the hall, drop bags just inside the front door, ideally where people can trip over them. Pretend you haven’t seen the empty coat stand three short steps away – just chuck your jacket on the floor.

    3. When taking off your clothes at the end of the day – or anytime, come to think of it – leave your clothes strewn around and NOT in a tidy pile. You could always try to throw them in the direction of the washing basket but from no closer than 15 feet. And try not to hit the half-empty bowls of cereal lined up beside the bed.

    If all of this sounds like you’re making an unreasonable amount of mess, do not worry. Something magic happens overnight: in the morning you’ll notice the front room is spotless, the hall is incredibly tidy, and the bedroom is just like new.

    I’m still looking for the chapter that includes these 3 tips in 50 Simple Ways to Transform Any Room but no matter. It’s a special publication packed full of inspirational ideas for giving any space in your home a brand-new look. Stunning images of beautiful rooms  sit alongside practical tips from the experts at Britain’s best-loved homes magazines and leading interiors website Housetohome.co.uk.  There are quick links to bonus online content to enhance your knowledge, and an essential guide How to Plan a Room with Wow.

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    A room with a view

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    This fairytale little house in the sky, painted in ice-cream shades, complete with sloping roof, bunting and slide, looks like it would be lots of fun and it’s sure to be a magnet for children all summer long.

    On the other hand, you could always commandeer it for yourself. There’s room inside for a little desk and space on the balcony for a deckchair. So, why not create your own little hideaway, where you can escape, enjoy lovely views and relax.
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    A mix of styles

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    James Anstead's London Home Ref: 21535/1550/11890

    Rough with the smooth

    I’m a natural sit-on-the-fencer. I can see both sides of any argument, so when folks say modern is best I’ll wholeheartedly agree. Until the case is put for traditional,

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    Pink is the colour

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    I would have loved a bedroom like this when I was little. Tucked away at the top of the house, with my own en-suite.

    They’ve made the most of every inch of space, with a bright pink and white storage unit that fits neatly into the space beneath the sloped ceiling and looks more interesting and eye-catching than a regular row of bookshelves.

    I love the splashes of hot pink – especially on the side of the bath – which helps pull the two rooms together and creates a zingy wow factor.


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    Perfectly pink

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    I love pink, from the palest barely there shade to fuchsia and everything in between and lots of my clothes and costume jewellery are testament to this. However, I didn’t even think of using pink when decorating my house, because I’ve only ever considered it to be a suitable colour for a little girl’s bedroom.

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    Blue for a teenage boy

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    I’m sure my brother would have loved a bedroom like this when he was a teenager. His bedroom walls were painted a particularly nasty shade of pale green, which he tried to cover up with posters from floor to ceiling. It also had a brown carpet and brown curtains. Well, it was the 70s, after all.

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