• A hint of spring

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    window-seatingIt may be early days, but a recent succession of clear skies and sunshine suggests that spring might just be in the air. So when I came across this interior, it seemed the perfect opportunity to celebrate the changing of the seasons. 

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    Stairway to heaven

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    Climb every stairway…

    When you visit strangers’ homes and you see their staircase, do you ever wonder where it leads to, whether the upstairs of the house lives up to what’s on the ground floor? It can be attractive because of the beautiful runner (possibly with stripes that shout out ‘Follow the line!’) or the fact that the it’s an unusual or elegant shape. This staircase, for example, is the kind most of us dream of having – a spiral with a lovely open landing at the top. I’d definitely ask to use the bathroom if I visited this home. And I wouldn’t be disappointed by what I’d found at the top.

    Seán O

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    Clever display idea

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    I personally don’t think shelves full of paperback books look particularly attractive. I certainly wouldn’t want rows of novels I’ve read once and I’m pretty sure I’ll never read again, on display in my living room. However, as I’m a big fan of my local library and go every week, I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to put them, once I’ve read them.

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    All at sea in the bedroom

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    Sea-Themed-Bedroom-Livingetc-HousetohomeSo that’s what they mean by a seabed…

    This bedroom has romance of a different kind – that of faraway places and exotic destinations. In 25 Beautiful Homes, our homeowners tell us again and again that, in it’s own way, the bedroom is the most special room of the house. But of course it is, it’s where you go to watch TV, then sleep! Personalising it is vital, of course, and this owner clearly has a love of seafaring – a conch here, an anchor there… And that fishing net above the bed is inspired. It’s certainly caught me – hook, line and sinker…

    Seán O

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