• 25 Beautiful Homes – November 2014 – on sale today

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    Our brilliant November issue goes on sale today.


    When I’m house-hunting I can’t see past the wood chip wallpaper or the kitchen carpet tiles. Luckily, lots of the proud home owners we’ve featured this month have better imaginations than me and have transformed neglected properties into show-stopping family homes.

    So, we have the Campbells’ who bought a rundown stable without even stepping inside and transformed it into a family home, the MacKinnon’s who added character and warmth to a run-down former school, Mark Readman and Louise Reynold’s who transformed an old malthouse into their home and business and Michelle Hyett who lovingly restored an old granary.

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    A homely, country kitchen

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    Every few months I like to spend a lazy sunday stocking up the freezer with stews and chilli, so there’s always something for dinnerwhen I get home from work.

    This homely, country kitchen would be the perfect place for one of my weekend cooking sessions. There’s plenty of work space and I could throw open the bi-fold doors and let the last of the autumn sunshine in and enjoy views of the garden as I cooked.

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    Out of the blue

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    This country bathroom has been given an injection of life by the addition of a big splash of colour. Cobalt blue adds a freshness to the traditional scheme, while the oversized gilt mirror reflects light back into the room. The scrollwork in the frame is echoed in the ornate detailing of the little table, the bath’s legs and the wall shelving. Lovely, just not sure about the shower cap. http://bit.ly/1prRmDz

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    Bedroom bliss

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    My bedroom curtains are lined with blackout fabric and yet there’s always a chink of light that gets through and so I’m wide awake from about 5am, throughout the summer.

    So, as far as I’m concerned the only good thing about the onset of autumn, is that it stays darker for longer in the mornings.

    However, I think if I had a gorgeous bedroom like this, with its calm grey and white scheme and en-suite dressing room, getting up would be a pleasure and my mornings would be calm and organised.

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    Living room with splashes of colour

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    If your living room is mostly cream, like mine and you’d like to add some colour, but don’t really know where to start, then why not take inspiration from this modern open-plan scheme? Here, they’ve added splashes of vibrant colour with artwork, cushions and a throw.

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