• A subtle Christmas look

    by  • November 26, 2015 • 0 Comments


    Last Christmas I didn’t put up a tree. I couldn’t be bothered to get it down from the loft – and I expect this year I’ll feel the same way.

    I don’t think you need a tree to give your living room a cheery, festive feel, as this room proves.

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    All the leaves are green!

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    At this time of year, the best thing about having big glass doors at the back of my house is watching the leaves change colour. It always makes me a little sad thinking of how all that once-verdant life decays and disappears but then I read a great explanation of why autumn leaves change colour and I was uplifted. Even more so when I saw the room above – what a brilliant idea! Make up for the browning leaves outside by introducing evergreens – through plants and fabrics – inside.

    Seán O

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    Modern, country kitchen

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    One of the only advantages of having a small kitchen, is that I can get out of hosting family occasions – especially Christmas. I don’t mention my woeful cooking skills, I just say I haven’t got the space.

    If I was a good cook, however, I’d like a kitchen like this.

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    Dress your dining table ready for winter

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    My mum is thrilled – it’s the first time my sister has a house that’s big enough to hold everyone on Christmas Day. Cue new decorations, crockery, serve ware… the list is endless!

    It’s the first time she’s had people over for Christmas dinner, and it’s in her brand new home. So while out Christmas shopping on Sunday, she spent hours searching for table decorations,

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    Relight my fire

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    I love the way that the freestanding claw foot slipper bath, in this pretty, country-style bathroom, has been positioned just so, to give you glorious, uninterrupted views across the fields.

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    Wild in the country

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    Rural retreat – safari style…

    Ask anyone what style of interior they prefer and they’ll probably something like, ‘a rustic feel’ or ‘contemporary style’ or ‘ethnic influence’. Generally, I think, we tend to have an idea in our head that fits into a style bracket, which is why I love the concept of

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    A spooky space

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    rexfeatures-5224374lPicture courtesy of AirBnB

    Being in the interiors business, believe you me I’ve seen some frightening rooms in my time – some of them intentional. Imagine eating your tea in a place like this. It sounds like most of us are quite easily spooked according to

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    Get the ski-chalet look

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    The clocks have gone back, the dark nights are here and there’s a definite chill in the air. But it’s nothing to be upset about, it’s my favourite time of year! There’s nothing I love more than coming home to a cosy house where I can curl up by the fire,

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