• Fun in the dining room

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    What’s more important in a room – good taste or a sense of fun? If I had to choose between them, I’d go for the latter. Take this dining area, the wall on the left has the faux-stone-effect wallpaper, which was trendy in the 1960s. It has a curly-wurly wall shelf that

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    Bank Holiday project – style up a quirky corner

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    Bank Holiday weekend! That magical time of year when, for some reason, we all decide to do house things, whether it be painting a room, finishing the tiling, or, in my case, trying to store a bulky chest of drawers I’m not yet ready to part with into a woefully small hall cupboard on the off-chance the cupboard has become a Tardis while I wasn’t paying attention.

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    Balancing act

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    Whatever I know about interior design has been learnt through observation – it certainly isn’t taught and definitely isn’t theoretical. But believe it or not, there is science behind good design, whether that be interior, exterior, product, graphic… As soon as I saw this image, it appealed on a certain level. It wasn’t the monochrome (I like a bit of colour in my life), it wasn’t the headboards (a little too feminine) and it certainly wasn’t

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    Be on trend

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    The achingly cool industrial look is still very much on trend – which I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear. Personally, I can’t get enough of a trio of metal pendant lights, metro tiles, reclaimed wood furniture, zinc-topped tables and copper accessories.

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    Fine dining rooms

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    The dining room was once the heart of the British home, where family and friends would gather for breakfast, supper and a traditional Sunday roast. But with the emergence of modern open-plan layouts, where the kitchen, dining and sitting rooms merge into one, it has been in steady decline. However, if space allows, I think it’s a shame not to reserve a room for special occasions, anniversaries or VIPs. Just think of all the fun you could have decorating and dressing it up. 

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    A bath less ordinary

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    It’s not enough to just have a space to soak – these days, when updating our bathrooms, more and more of us are keen to gave a bathtub that makes a style statement in its own right, and sets the tone for the rest of the decor, whether it’s a traditional design for a heritage look, a sleek style for a spa feel, or even a sunken tub at floor level for … I don’t know, a bathroom with that thrilling sense of mortal danger?


    I mean, honestly.

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    Long live shabby chic!

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    We’re known as the ‘throwaway society’ and how can you argue with that? I mean, whatever happened to dandelion & burdock bottles (made of glass) that you could take back to the cornershop and get tuppence ha’penny back on?  That last sentence will mean absolutely nothing to you if you’re under the age of 50 but let me tell you, things have changed and not necessarily for the better! Everything’s disposable – take wastefulness with food, planned obsolescence in cars, plastic packaging, oh, don’t get me started. And I’m as guilty as the next man! So it warms the cockles of my heart when I see signs of recycling, such as this kitchen-diner with it’s old sideboard that has been given a makeover to become ‘shabby chic’. I don’t know who invented that term but they’ve single-handedly saved a million pieces of furniture that would otherwise have been consigned to the local tip – or bonfire (if you can find one these days…).
    Seán O

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    Fun, family dining

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    The large, antique table in this light and spacious dining room, could easily seat ten and if they had opted for matching, upholstered chairs the room would have had a much more traditional and formal feel.

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