• Farmhouse style

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    There’s nothing I love more than the effortless look – as if something is just thrown together, but oozes elegance and finesse, just like this laid-back country kitchen. A collection of rustic

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    Shelf life

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    The drawer full of pens, light bulbs and takeaway menus must be on the other side of the room…

    The drawer full of pens, lightbulbs and takeaway menus must be on the other side of the room…

    Open shelving in kitchens – I know. Impractical. Dust-attracting. And who on earth owns multiple white cast-iron casserole dishes, 18 matching ramekins and 20 matching wine glasses anyway? (You do? In that case, never invite me and my flatmate round to yours – we are the mortal enemy of wine glasses).

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    Zingy bedroom scheme

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    As winter continues to drag its heels, I thought I’d cheer everyone up, with this bright and zingy bedroom scheme.

    The pale grey walls and bedside tables, dark wooden bed and beige carpet, all add up to a pretty dull, albeit calming scheme. However it’s been transformed into a bright and inviting space, thanks to some cheerful artwork and colourful accessories.


    The grey walls allow the folksy art to really stand out, while the crisp, white bedlinen lets the pretty throw and plump cushions take centre stage.


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    Digging deep

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    With space at a premium, basement conversions are all the rage at the moment, with artist Damien Hirst joining the long list of celebrities taking this route to adding space and value to their properties. So if you’ve run out of room, why not consider going underground, too?

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    What does your home say about you?

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    Instead of trying to imitate what we see elsewhere or follow the trends, it’s time to have fun with your interior and reveal a little bit of your personality. Whether you’re a sports-mad teenager or a retro-vintage gal, your decor says a lot about you, and you can just imagine

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    Enjoy your stay

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    Only guests with attractive vintage suitcases will be admitted…

    Guest bedrooms can often become an afterthought, playing second fiddle to the rest of the home’s decor and design – but surely it should be just the opposite? We all like to be good hosts, and a guest bedroom like this would make me so delighted with my surroundings that I might never leave the room. Of course, that might earn me a reputation as a rather unsociable guest, but I say it’s worth it for a room as quirkily welcoming as this.

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    Work and play

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    I’ve never liked the idea of working from home. I need the structured routine of getting up and dressed and out the door to get me motivated in the morning. If I worked from home, it wouldn’t be long before I was spending all day in my pyjamas.

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    Modern kitchen dilemma

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    What is it about homes? There’s always something that needs fixing – or even worse, replacing. Admittedly you can usually see it coming: In the recent storms I knew that our waggly TV aerial was going to come loose; the cats constant scratching on the Laura Ashley velvet sofa ; when the teenage kids have their friends round at the end of the evening for endless snacks – there’s a good chance it’ll be curtains for the toaster. But you never expect your cooker to go on the blink without any notice, do you. Ours did, so now the burning question is 

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    A good service on hall lines…

    by  • January 24, 2016 • 1 Comment


    As usual, no lines extend to the south…

    Hallways – how much attention do you really pay to yours? Is it a stylish, decorative space in its own right, or more a dumping ground for coats, keys, and menus for more takeaways than you can possibly fathom existing on your doorstep? It’s easy for this largely functional part of our home to become neglected, and the thought of styling it can seem too time-consuming, given that we only ever really pass through on our way in and and out. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and this space shows that achieving a striking entryway and creating a dynamic first impression is as easy as a few well-chosen statement pieces.

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