• A taste of … modern … Morocco!

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    Lugging a giant authentic lantern back from Stansted airport, past confused members of the public, I felt safe in the knowledge that I had the perfect starting point for the rustic Moroccan-style I had been dreaming of. I’d spotted it tucked between a banjo and a man selling ”Marks and Spencers” necklaces on the streets of Tangiers.

    Now i’m faced with a bit of conundrum. Do I stick to the shimmering metallics and soft purples formal look? Or go for the spicey, earthy toned, cushion-strewn look? Both are equally Moroccan-inspired, equally modern and equally GORGEOUS!

    What would you all go for? I’m swaying towards the shimmering embossed metals of this living room, myself.

    roomenvy - Moroccan-style living room

    roomenvy - Moroccan-style living room


    roomenvy - Moroccan-style living room

    roomenvy - Moroccan-style living room

    Ooooh, but this living room looks inviting, too?

    To be honest, given the sheer weight of my recent Tangien purchase, whether it’s Moroccan-style or country-style, that lantern WILL be included!

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    1. prestigeproducts
      September 24, 2009 at 2:08 am

      Unfortunately, neither of the rooms speak to my own Moroccan vision. Did you see last winter’s catalog from Zara? I was freaking out over the tiles, the patterns, the sense of height and history. I would choose the first room and then search for Moroccan tile work to cover the walls and insert a sense of lushnesss and sensuality to the room with reds veering into the warmer tones. And carpets! At least 1 carpet has to strew across the room tying all the colors together.

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