• 'The Room I Envy' by Linda Barker

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    roomenvy - Linda Barker envies ...

    “I love this pink kitchen belonging to Sophie Conran. It’s a fabulous kitchen belonging to someone who is super stylish, but someone who’d not afraid of being a little off-the-wall and bohemian. It’s a confident space that’s not too showy or overworked.

    I’m sure it’s a space that reflects the people who use the room, principally children. The bold pink suggests that this is someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, it’s a lot of fun whilst still being a room where some serious cooking can take place.

    It looks to me as if the kitchen is really at the heart of this home, a grown up space that nods at childish pleasures and belonging to an individual spirit who does things or her terms and no-one else’s”

    Amen to that Linda! Hungry for more of her decorating tips, join her at the Ideal Home Show from 20th March.

    roomenvy - Sophie Conran's sugary kitchen

    roomenvy - Sophie Conran's sugary kitchen

    2 Responses to 'The Room I Envy' by Linda Barker

    1. ELLD
      March 17, 2010 at 10:27 am

      Gorgeous! Almost Alice in Wonderland-esque too..

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