• Bathed in style

    by  • October 18, 2011 • Bathroom bliss • 0 Comments

    My bathroom hasn’t been updated since the 1930s. It’s big, but old, tired, dated… you name it. So, while browsing the net for ideas on how I could ‘fabulise’ it (you can thank interior designer Gordon Whistance for my new word), I spotted this design by Ripples and spent several luxurious moments imagining it was mine.

    Most of us, it’s safe to say, aren’t lucky enough to have a room of this size, but we can still make the most of what we’ve got – and where better to get some inspiration than bathrooms like this? To me, it captures the essence of everything a true bathroom should be. Practical (think double basin, room to move and space for products), elegant (who WOULDN’T like a roll-type bath such as this to sink into?) and gorgeously stylish (mood lighting, modern fittings and deliciously stunning mosaic tiles).

    Do any of you have a bathroom that you consider a room worthy of envying? Let us know…


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