• The forgotten room

    by  • January 10, 2013 • Best of the rest • 0 Comments

    It’s the room that gets unnoticed. The plain Jane of most people’s homes. Bottom of the list when we decide to decorate. I could go on (I usually do…) but I think you know that the room I’m talking about is the poor old utility. When was the last time you pored over a paint chart to get the best colour scheme for it? Because it’s the area that outsiders tend not to see, it’s not as loved up as it should be. And what to put in there? And is it worth keeping tidy if no-one else sees it? Well it’s the New Year so let’s resolve to put that right. House to Home has an inspiring selection of utility rooms, check them out…

    And not a washing machine in sight…

     Seán O

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