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    Indulge yourself…

    Yes I know that the new space we call the kitchen-diner is the one that’s revolutionised our family lives, but which single room is the one you’d regard as the most personal? Where you can spend time contemplating, reading, bathing (that’s a bit of a giveaway). Naturally our bathrooms are very individual and for that reason, the more personalised we can make them look, the better. This one has most of the elements we regard as important: lots of natural light, masses of space, gorgeous fittings, elegant accessories. The perfect place for indulgence. Talking of which, indulge yourself in a few little-known facts about our second favourite room in the house.
    • Females spend three times longer than males in the bathroom.
    • The bathroom uses around 49% of all water inside the home
    • Three out of four women (74.2%) leave the bathroom door open when they are home alone
    • 64% of women think about their to do lists in the shower compared to 48% of men
    Oh and…
    • Seven million mobile phones fall down the toilet per year (just dropped that in for good luck)

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