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    It’s travel time again – next week I’m packing my bags and heading to Venice for a few days of good food, sightseeing and sunshine (at least that’s what I’m hoping it’ll say the next time I check my weather app – thunder and rain was NOT in the plan).

    As I always try to do when I travel, I’ve booked an apartment, as I always prefer the feeling of living like a local, with my own kitchen and my own door key, rather than staying in the bubble of a hotel with the other tourists. My apartment has some wonderfully quirky touches that I can’t wait to see in the flesh – stone columns, ceiling beams, a mint green Smeg fridge, a curio-filled museum cabinet in the dining room, and an antique cello propped against one wall (I can’t play the cello, but after a few aperitivi, I daresay I won’t let a trifling matter like that stop me).

    Decorated though it is in a basic style, there’s something so quintessentially Italian about my Venetian crash pad, and it’s inspired me to search out some of my favourite design ideas for an Italian-style home – maybe they’ll inspired you to add a little Mediterranean magic to your interiors…

    01 exterior

    OK, admittedly this might not be the most practical look to start with! But there’s something irresistible about the thought of sunning myself in this garden, letting the scent of the olive trees wash over me and luxuriating in the warmth of the sun reflecting off the creamy-coloured stone. As I say, probably not a look you can easily achieve in the average British back garden, but a girl can dream.

    02 living-room99

    The warm, rustic tones in this living room feel comfortable yet elegant, with woven furniture teamed with chunky wooden pieces. Decorative fabrics and rugs introduce hues reminiscent of a Tuscan landscape.

    03 living-room110

    This living room scheme has a cooler, more mono look, but is no less welcoming, and again, the chunky wooden furniture and cosy sofas are key to introducing Mediterranean charm into a scheme. The symmetry of the candles and lamps suggests a more formal design, but the loosely-arranged flowers, giant fireplace and honest materials throughout create a room that you can instantly feel comfortable in.

    04 kitchen94

    I’m sensing a theme… the chunky wooden table, units and bowl in here, plus the painted shutters lend a rustic, relaxed feel, while the carved overmantel concealing the extractor is a subtle note to that famous Italian elegance.

    05 rt-014DSGRough

    What a wonderful idea! Here, an oversized gilded mirror frame (you don’t want to be the person who broke that mirror!) acts as a headboard, framing the bed and making an elegant yet quirky statement in the room. With such a standout feature, the rest of the room is wisely kept basic – plain white linen, simple light fixtures that continue the gold tones, and a plain plaster wall to lend a rough edge that acts as a foil to the dazzling look of the golden frame.

    06 bathroom83

    This washroom has a functional yet mellow mood, inspired by a rural Italian look, with an antique wash stand and a battered metal chair. The look is softened by the simple floral chair cover, and the warm tones of the smooth plaster walls.

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