• A sociable space

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    As we all know, the trend is for open-plan kitchen-diners. Some that you see are positively vast, with a dining area in this corner, a living area here, a family room there plus a kitchen kitchen thrown in (for good measure). That’s the ultimate space and, admittedly, very desirable, but let’s not lose the sight of what gives this so-called hub of the home its name. It is sociability, and while a big multi-use space is great in that you’re all within earshot (or eyeshot?) of each other, the big space between you can prohibit meaningful chatter. The best communal spaces are those that are conducive to conversation (that thing we used to do before texting). Now look at this kitchen-diner: imagine collapsing on that comfy sofa at the end of a hard day, listening to what the kids have been up to at school, having your evening meal there – and not a TV in sight. It simply doesn’t get much better. Game of Happy Families, anybody?
    Seán O

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      Love wooden furniture

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