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    There’s something about spending time away from home that makes you re-evaluate your space with fresh eyes upon your return. This week I was lucky enough to spend four days in Venice, and grateful though I was to eventually return home after the trains had done their worst (travelling from Italy to London took only about half an hour longer), I walked into my bedroom and felt an overwhelming need for change.

    I err on the minimal Scandi side, design-wise, but in practice, I have too much stuff, or I have piles of clothes that accumulate in hope of ever seeing an iron, or there are shoes lying around, magazines/books/toiletries bottles on surfaces… you get the picture. And yesterday, after four days of beautiful but sweltering 30-degree weather, a flight, and a three-train journey home from Gatwick that was only marginally preferable to walking, I felt urgently in need of a cool, calm and serene space that was free of distractions, untidy corners, or piles of clutter that made me think ‘I really must do something about that…’

    With this in mind, I’m on a mission this weekend, to go on a massive throwing-away rampage, remove anything from my room that takes away from the feeling of calm and restfulness, leave surfaces completely bare, sort my storage out, maybe start giving serious thought to getting rid of the drab carpet in my room (I won’t tell The Landlord if you won’t), and seeing if I can get my room any closer to the pale, peaceful, pared back Scandi scheme I crave.

    Here are some of the schemes that will be inspiring this stripping-back spree…maybe they might inspire you to try a similarly minimal look in your bedroom?








    And finally ….


    …too much?

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