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    Who else remembers going to play at a schoolfriend’s house and walking into a bedroom that boasted the combo of matching He Man/My Little Pony/Thomas The Tank Engine duvet, lampshade, curtains and wallpaper? (showing my age? Me?). Although I probably envied them at the time, luckily I was never into anything so merchandise-heavy as to fill a whole room, and so my childhood bedroom started as a pretty combination of pale pink walls and ditsy blue floral wallpaper below the dado rail. Of course, then I turned into a horrible teenager and painted my pretty pastel pink walls a moody blue, and filled the place with candles and incense sticks, and plastered the walls with Alanis Morissette posters. OK, there might have been Hanson posters too. It was the 90s. Stop laughing at me.

    But these days, many of us have cottoned on to the possibility of children’s rooms that still create wonder, a sense of fun, and inspire their imaginations, but that also fit in with the rest of our carefully-considered interior scheme. Heavily-themed bedrooms have made way for more neutral, timeless schemes that can be easily changed up with accessories to reflect the growing personality and interests of your children as they grow from tot to teen.

    By putting together a child-friendly yet design-savvy scheme that grows as your little ones do, you can create a room they’ll love for years, and save yourself having to scrape Pokemon paper off the walls when they grow out of it (is Pokemon still something kids like? I don’t have children, you tell me!)

    Here are some of my favourite ideas for children’s rooms that are beautiful spaces in their own right.


    Dark walls and quirky artwork create a picture gallery effect in this little boy’s room. As he grows up, the neutral and navy shades, and industrial furniture will still suit his adolescent tastes. Using washi tape to fix up the artworks means the look can be easily changed around without damaging the paintwork.


    This little girl’s room is a perfect space to let her imagination run wild. The blue base paired with pink accents in the linen stops the scheme looking too sugary sweet, and the cloud wallpaper will suit a variety of different accents and colours as she grows older.


    Instead of the usual shades of blue or pink, the delicate shades of grey in this nursery create a soothing space, but also provide an ideal base to develop the personality of the room to suit its young occupant. This would be an ideal scheme in a contemporary home, but it still has a restful feel.


    This could be the same room five years later – the base palette of the walls and floor is exactly the same, but the assortment of happy brights and fun themes is ideal for a young, developing mind. Everything in here could be picked up and changed in an instant, as tastes change.


    What a super-cute way to add personality to a room, and encourage little ones to learn their letters at the same time! Keeping patterned elements to accessories means they’re easier to tweak and change.


    This neutral space has been given personality with quirky finds and bright accessories, while a large black chalkboard wall adds character, and offers a place for young creatives to express themselves!


    If your little one prefers more colour and interest than a neutral room offers, a bold and quirky paper on one wall adds just right hint of personality without committing to a whole look. This loveable fox character lends a touch of mischief to the room, and the bright colours are echoed in the bedlinen, while the grey carpet and headboard tones the look down.


    The soft grey furnishings in this girl’s room warm up the all-white décor scheme in this simple space, while the fairy lights and gorgeous vintage party dress add feminine character. This space would suit any age, with just a tweak of accessories.


    This room for two feels like a grown-up space thanks to the classic tongue and groove panelling, and the mini staircase replacing the traditional ladder to the top bunk. Integrated shelving shows the degree of thought that’s gone into this room.


    The bright walls in here make this room fun for children, and vibrant for teenagers. The sleek furniture and dark fireplace stops the look becoming too childish, and the space is easily adaptable.

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