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    One big trend in kitchens that shows no sign of waning in popularity is the industrial look. We can all conjure up an image of this style: metro wall tiles, utilitarian wood or metal shelving and worktops, reclaimed enamel pendant lights, and functional pieces. Another strong element of the industrial look is a largely white/grey palette – but what if the mono look isn’t your thing?

    Fortunately, if you prefer a more colourful interior, it doesn’t mean the industrial look is off-limits to you. Accent hues, patterned elements, and textured finishes can brighten up a functional kitchen space without sacrificing the theme. Have a look through some of our favourite colourful industrial kitchen schemes.

    The image above shows an industrial-themed space that has been enlivened and given a fun touch with some rainbow-coloured wall letters, and by painting the wooden shelf brackets in matching hues.


    This kitchen has a softer look than the usual mono scheme, thanks to the soft blue used on the walls, and the bright pops of colour in the tableware.


    This kitchen still errs on the lighter side, but the soft grey of the units provides depth, and the patterned floor adds a modern feel.


    A warehouse look is created in this kitchen-diner with brick-effect wallpaper and a mix of warm wood and natural materials with tougher, industrial-style furniture.


    This is a warmer take on the theme, with the trio of copper pendants setting the tone. The warmth is continued in the wooden worktops, and the beaten leather of the vintage stools.


    In this deeper, darker take on the theme, mid-toned wood furniture is teamed with rustic striped fabric and brick tiles in a bold bottle-green accent colour. The wall is painted in blackboard paint – it creates a giant jotter for notes, also giving the room an informal, industrial feel.

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