• Putting the brakes on moving…

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    What’s that saying – ‘ A place for everything and everything in its place’? I’m not exactly sure what it means but I do know that if my wife came home and found my 21-speed racer in the kitchen, I’d be out that door and on my bike in no time. Talking of which, fewer people are on the move, according to a new survey by Plentific.com. Plentific’s latest survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that there is still uncertainty surrounding the housing market three months after

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    A cushy number

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    This bedroom looks quite masculine with it’s autumnal colours and woodland-theme.

    However, despite the neutral colours, the plain walls, the solid, sturdy furniture and the stag’s head, lots of people (I mean men) wouldn’t like this bedroom because of the cushions on the bed. Lots of people (again, I mean men) don’t see the point of cushions that are purely decorative; cushions which you take off before getting into bed and put back on again when you get up.

    Cushions that other people may ask you not to lean against, or use as an extra pillow…

    However, I think the cushions add colour, interest and a bit of a country boutique hotel vibe, to what would be a rather bland scheme.

    As the nights draw in and the mornings stay darker for longer, this looks like the perfect place to hibernate until spring.


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    Dream dressing room

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    For some of us, having a dressing room might seem like an impossible dream, especially in small homes, but with a bit of creative thinking and smart storage tricks, you can set aside some ‘me space’  – even if it’s only on a small scale. First think about

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    Room to grow

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    With the new school year starting, you maybe thinking it’s time you tried to squeeze a desk, or a study area, into your child’s bedroom.

    This teenager’s bedroom has been rather cleverly designed to grow with your child, suiting both a ‘new’ teenager’ at 13 and with a few tweaks, a young adult at 16.

    A dedicated study area is a must. Here, the desk unit provides a useful mix of closed and open storage. There’s plenty of room in those large drawers for make-up, as well as the odd text book and pen.

    There’s also plenty of storage space on the mounted shelving unit with colourful storage boxes above the sofa/spare bed/chill-out zone, providing an easy way to clear away the clutter.

    Although there’s lots of bright pink in the room, it’s mainly been used in the accessories and soft furnishings; things that can easily and cheaply be replaced in a more grown up, or subtle shade, one day.


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    Bathroom bliss

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    Don’t you just love the bright white and soothing watery shades featured in this bathroom? Wooden wall panelling and painted floorboards help break up the white surfaces while giving the room a warm country vibe. Above, a collection of vintage mirrors reflects light around the space while

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    Goodbye, summer

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    Oh dear! September already. My lawn is speckled with fallen leaves and the nights are drawing in fast. Soon, sitting in the garden for hours on end, or eating lunch al fresco will be a distant dream. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, this is when it will come into its own.

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    Perfectly pastel

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    The colour combination of grey and pastels works a treat in this cosy sitting room. Although I’m not a big fan of pastel or powdery shades, I think they look great in here. Light grey provides

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    It’s not all black and white

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    One big trend in kitchens that shows no sign of waning in popularity is the industrial look. We can all conjure up an image of this style: metro wall tiles, utilitarian wood or metal shelving and worktops, reclaimed enamel pendant lights, and functional pieces. Another strong element of the industrial look is a largely white/grey palette – but what if the mono look isn’t your thing?

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    Hurray, Bake Off’s back

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    Never mind Strictly, it’s The Great British Bake Off, that has me glued to my TV every week.

    I don’t know which company has provided the pretty pastel islands they use in the tent, but it’s a look I would very much like to copy and I think this kitchen, with its simple, country style units is a pretty good match.

    The perfect perfect place to try to replicate Mary Berry’s homemade Jaffa Cakes, or lemon drizzle cake.

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