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    Cute cloakrooms

    by  • October 5, 2016 • Bathroom bliss • 0 Comments


    Why have a bog-standard cloakroom when you can have one that looks as amazing as this? If you’ve played it safe decor-wise elsewhere in the house, this often overlooked little room gives you the perfect opportunity to

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    Bathroom bliss

    by  • September 14, 2016 • Bathroom bliss • 0 Comments


    Don’t you just love the bright white and soothing watery shades featured in this bathroom? Wooden wall panelling and painted floorboards help break up the white surfaces while giving the room a warm country vibe. Above, a collection of vintage mirrors reflects light around the space while

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    White and wonderful

    by  • August 14, 2016 • Best of the rest • 0 Comments


    Love my rented flat though I do, one of the frustrating things about being a tenant is that, like it or not, you just don’t have free reign to do what you like to your home. This particularly frustrates me when it comes to my carpets. Firstly, they’re old (I’ve lived there 11 years and they’d certainly seen better days before the ink was dry on my tenancy agreement). Secondly, they’re mismatched (one colour in the living room, another on the landing, another in my bedroom). Thirdly, they’re a fetching combination of dark blue, near-black and maroon, which my flat is just about light-filled enough to cope with, but I know it could look so much better if the carpets could be scrapped, and the floors taken back to basics. And by basics, I meant classic, white-painted floorboards.

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    Seaside schemes that rock

    by  • July 15, 2016 • Best of the rest • 0 Comments


    Not that I’m counting down or anything, but in a few short hours I shall be boarding a train and happily catching up on four-and-a-half hours of reading while being whisked away to Cornwall, where I shall take walks on the beach, breathe in the salty air, exist on Cornish pasties and chips, drink wine with my mum and, based on the contents of my suitcase, wear every piece of white-and-blue striped clothing I own (six items at the last count – I am nothing if not a walking cliché.)

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    Into Europe

    by  • July 1, 2016 • Stylish living • 0 Comments


    French romance… German efficiency… Scandi shabby chic… there’s no denying the wealth of design inspiration we take from our European neighbours. Whether you crave a touch of the Med in Macclesfield, the Alpine look in Aberdeen, or the feel of Sorrento in Streatham, there’s always a way to make a European scheme work, whether you go all-out in your look, or incorporate smaller elements.

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