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    Mellow yellow bathroom splashback

    by  • February 28, 2011 • Bathroom bliss • 1 Comment

    One of the biggest trends for summer that I keep seeing time and time again is neon, bright colours being used as accents in an otherwise neutral room. After seeing so much orange around (remember this?) it’s nice to see that yellow is making an appearance too.

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    I would LOVE these basins in my bathroom...

    Which is why this bathroom snapshot caught my eye earlier today. Statement basins are a great way of creating a feature out of something usually so ordinary and mundane, and nothing screams luxury like a glass splashback. What I love about this is, in fact, it’s a bit of a steal rather than a spending spree kind of room – that splashback is actually perspex, painted to look like expensive coloured glass. Bargain!

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    The ultimate personalised kitchen

    by  • April 6, 2010 • Cool kitchens • 1 Comment

    Oak kitchen doors? White gloss cabinetry, PAH! What if someone (aka Magnet) told you that you could print any image onto your kitchen cabinet doors! I know, I know, your gut instinct would be to demand a giant picture of Brad Pitt I’m sure, but for those of you wanting to be a bit kinder to your husbands, why not go for a picture of your kids, or your favourite food? … the possibilities are endless!

    True, it might be a bit modern or a bit too quirky for everyone, but you’ve got to admit they’re a lot of fun.

    roomenvy - sleek modern kitchen

    roomenvy – sleek modern kitchen

    Now I know there are PLENTY of self-confessed city batchelors dying to use a print of their most dashing headshot in their kitchen … please don’t.

    roomenvy - flower power kitchen

    roomenvy – flower power kitchen

    And if you simply don’t know which image to go for, why not leave your kitchen in the hands of Magnet’s style-savvy designers? Check out this eye-popping kitchen.

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    The ultimate country-style kitchen

    by  • February 16, 2010 • Cool kitchens • 3 Comments

    As a HUMONGOUS fan of the country-style kitchen, I’ve been busy quizzing the editor of Country Homes and Interiors Magazine, Rhoda Parry, for her 5 key ingredients for the ultimate country look.

    Don’t worry, I got it all on tape, and I’ll be sure to pop the video up so you can feast your eyes on Rhoda’s favourite schemes and her expert tips.

    … but this beautiful country-style kitchen shot simply can’t wait!

    roomenvy - absolutely beautiful country-style kitchen

    roomenvy - absolutely beautiful country-style kitchen

    Beams, Belfast sink, chunky range-cooker, country-style florals – LUST!

    … and if you can’t wait for her ‘country-style‘ insight, check out Rhoda’s blog, Countrydays.Plus, do let me know if you’re hankering for any other country-style tips (on bathrooms, bedrooms or general trends for instance) and I’ll ask if I can invade her Editor’s Office with my camera again!

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    Bring on the brights

    by  • May 20, 2009 • Cool kitchens • 0 Comments

    On my browsing around the web I’ve noticed plenty of different styles of splashbacks.  It seems everything is getting bolder and brighter.  What do you think of this bold blue kitchen splashback?  I like it mixed with bright accessories, but wouldn’t be sure about it on its own.

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    White kitchen with bright splashback

    White kitchen with bright splashback

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