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    by  • October 1, 2009 • Stylish living • 1 Comment

    I would love to think that if someone walked into my house they would INSTANTLY know that I worked for an interior decorating website, but the truth is they probably think I work as either an emma bridgewater spokeswoman … or a wine critic (imagine!)

    I then began to wonder who lives in all these houses I ‘step inside’ during the day. And indeed, what sort of house would a handsome lawyer, investment banker or doctor live in – and when can I move in?

    See if you can guess the profession of the owners of these gorgeous houses. In the mix we have a) a dairy farmer, b) a property developer  c) an interior designer d) an air hostess and e) an architect. Find the answers below.

    1) Boho-chic Victorian terrace

    roomenvy - vintage victorian terrace

    roomenvy – vintage victorian terrace

    2) Rustic country cottage

    roomenvy - cottage home in the country

    roomenvy – cottage home in the country

    3) Edwardian terrace family home

    roomenvy - five-bed edwardian terrace

    roomenvy – five-bed edwardian terrace

    4) 18th century barn conversion

    roomenvy - impressive modern barn conversion

    roomenvy – impressive modern barn conversion

    5) Country cottage-style new-build

    roomenvy - cute country-style cottage

    roomenvy – cute country-style cottage

    ANSWERS 1) b 2) d 3) c 4) e 5) a

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    The fun side of geometry

    by  • July 28, 2009 • Beautiful boudoirs, Desirable dining, Stylish living • 0 Comments

    I think year 10 maths would have been much more enjoyable had I been able to look at roomsets decorated in on-trend geometric style … instead of wrestling with a protractor. It’s set to be really big this year, so I’ve been hunting for some great ways to incorporate the look (my maths teacher would be so proud!)

    Create a stylish splashback with quirky geometric tiles – I love the Moroccan feel of these bad boys!

    laundry room

    laundry room

    Make a statement with a diamond upholstery fabric – the green walls make this geometric headboard really stand out.



    Go for a subtly patterned honeycomb wallpaper and add some punch with colourful furniture, like these vivaciously violet chairs!



    Or if you’re feeling a bit braver, why not create the wow factor with a graphic feature wall in a grid motif design?



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