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    One of my colleagues here at Room Envy just got back this week from a holiday to Morocco. After admiring her tan and hearing stories of a particularly inquisitive donkey, I started to think about the style of Moroccan design and the ways in which it can be easily incorporated into our homes (well, I had to do something to take my mind off the searing jealousy)

    A particularly iconic Moroccan look is the ombre painted wall, as seen in this dining room. This dip-dye approach to painting a wall instantly invokes an exotic, artistic feel, and also has the happy side effect of creating the illusion of space, with the graduated stripes blending up the wall from the darkest shade at the bottom to a pure bright white at the top.

    This painterly effect on the wall is surprisingly easy to achieve, working from white, through to dark blue, with a lighter and mid blue softening the contrast. Start by dividing your wall into as many vertical sections as you want to paint (four in this case) and marking the vertical lines with pencil. Start at the top with the lighter shade, allowing to dry. Paint the second section with the lightest colour shade, then the mid-tone, finishing with the darker hue. When it comes to blending the shades together, you can create a seamless effect with a small roller, or, as seen here, incorporate the jagged brush marks as part of the design.

    Continue the look with dip-dyed fabrics to create cushions, curtains, or table runners. And tempting though it may be to get carried away with the theme, consider blending furniture and accessory styles to stop the look becoming a pastiche. Go for clean, modern pieces, such as the simple dining stools here, or mixing up the look with a traditional dining table with hand-turned legs. This will create a much more fresh and interesting scheme than dressing your room with a typical Moroccan-style cut-out metal lanterns, jewel tones and leather pouffes. A donkey could be an interesting touch though…

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