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    When you’re thinking of a quick and effective way to give new life to a room, revive a tired scheme, or simply try something different, the usual way is to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. But what about the other elements of your room? And who says you have to stop at just a single colour?

    With a little creative thinking, you can use paint in myriad ways to give your interior a new look. Here are some of our favourite ideas…


    This paint trick both echoes and updates a dado effect, and for a continuous feel, the look has been used on both the walls and doors. Be sure to measure well all around your room, to make sure the dividing line between the two shades is sharp and even. In an older property, where the lines may be a little uneven, consider an ombre effect, where the boundary between the two shades is blurred by a third hue that sits between the two on the colour chart.


    The same faux-dado effect has been used in this hall, but the defined lines are blurred by a hand-painted design of a tree in the same darker shade. This adds a whimsical touch, and softens the two-toned palette. If you’re not confident in your freehand drawing skills, then use a large-scale stencil in your chosen design. Be sure to keep this block colouring look for an unfussy feel.


    Stripes are a bold choice, so make sure you paint them somewhere you can live with them! Here, they’ve been used in a child’s room, for a bold and cheery look, but the same design would likely be too much for a living room or kitchen, especially if your space is on the small side. It may be advisable to call in the professionals for a paint job like this, and also be mindful of how your chosen colours fit in with your scheme.


    Doorframes and trims painted white has been the norm for so long that it’s something we hardly think about. But painting your frames, especially if you’re lucky enough to have original or distinctive ones in your homes, is a brilliant way to lend character to your space, pick out the details, and also inject some colour if you don’t want to go as far as painting entire walls.


    Chalkboard walls or cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years, mainly in kitchens, for scribbling down shopping lists. But what about trying the look in a hallway, as a giant message board for the household? Opt for blackboard paint with a magnetic finish, and you can affix notes, artworks, or photos, for a truly unique but easily-changed display.


    In a minimal scheme, with wooden or whitewashed floorboards, a stencil can add colour and interest without compromising a streamlined look, and give the effect of a rug, breaking up the look.

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